Friday, October 30, 2009

Meditation Session - - Nama and Rupa

Pancakkhanha : Five aggregates (Rupa, Vedanã, Sanña, Sankhãra, veññã)

Rupa : Form/ Body
Nama : Mind

Rupakkhandha : Four Primary elements
Pathavi - element of softness and hardness (earth)
ãpo - element of cohesion (water)
Vãyo - element of motion (air)
Tejo - element of heat or kinetic energy and material qualities derived from them (fire)

Arahant : an enlightened being

Sotapanna : Streamwinner (a person, who has eradicated the first three fetters (sanyojanas) of the mind

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meditation Session - Nimitta

After meditation session, Sayadaw Zanita explained about the Nimitta and how with continued Samatha practice allows the development of the Nimitta - using it to "walk" the various worlds -dewa and asuras.