Saturday, February 6, 2010

ABKM Getogether

ABKM organised a social evening - pot luck dinner at the Pang's residence. The food was Malaysian fare. We listened to a Dhamma talk by Ven Dr. M. Punnaji on the mind. Some key points from the talk were:

- Kamma is release of tension in Action based on emotion (lobha, dosa, moha)
- Control over emotions via the 5 precepts is Good Kamma but tension remains ie Stress
- Be aware of the tension (sati) is to be able to control it ie, Meditation/ Bhavana
- Metta Bhavana is the way to release tension in the mind / stress , ie conscious relaxation
- Metta Bhavana expands the mind outwards

later an informal discussion on some of the needs of ABKM participants included basic Buddhism refresher, continued meditation practice, social project participation such as helping out at a hospice, well/water projects and Dhamma printing. There was even a surprise birthday party for Andrew.

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